Google Chrome OS Screenshots (Chromium OS Developer Build)

For those who are curious about Google’s new operating system Chrome OS, here are some screenshots (of Chromium OS Developer Build). I have used the Vmware image on Virtualbox since I don’t own a netbook (I’m not sure Chrome OS will work on any architecture, however, it may at the moment if they haven’t stripped… Continue reading Google Chrome OS Screenshots (Chromium OS Developer Build)

Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 codename Lenny

Long-awaited “Lenny” has finally been out! After 22 months of development, Debian development team announced the official release of Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 on 14th of February as planned (well, at least in American Samoa, which happens to be located in UTC-11.) and the very same day I installed and tested it on my laptop. Installation… Continue reading Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 codename Lenny

Firefox Search Bar Plugins

Mozilla Firefox comes with some pre-installed search plugins and some websites provide their users with a plugin for firefox search bar. However, there are also lots of websites on the net that don’t give you any plugin to make your search easier. Sometimes I have to use Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary to look up a… Continue reading Firefox Search Bar Plugins

Intel High Definition Audio in Linux

A great number of laptops produced after 2004, including my vaio fz 190, come with an IntelĀ® High Definition Audio chipset. Interestingly, these chipsets have problems in both Linux and Windows. If you are using an old version of alsa, I would recommend you to upgrade it because newer alsa drivers are almost problem-free. However,… Continue reading Intel High Definition Audio in Linux