Google Chrome OS Screenshots (Chromium OS Developer Build)

For those who are curious about Google’s new operating system Chrome OS, here are some screenshots (of Chromium OS Developer Build). I have used the Vmware image on Virtualbox since I don’t own a netbook (I’m not sure Chrome OS will work on any architecture, however, it may at the moment if they haven’t stripped down the kernel. It’s based on Debian as far as I know).

No splash screen, it immediately asks for an account and password:

It immediately took me to Gmail page for a login. Since Chrome OS is using Google Apps, you need to login to your google account.

Regular Chrome browser:

When I clicked on the “start” button of Chrome OS, it prompted me for a password again. It says “Welcome uses Google Accounts for Sign In.” I’m not sure what this “Welcome” is but it must be something new to personalize your google experience on your Chrome OS. It says Google is not affiliated with the contents of Welcome or its owners. Sounds strange. It may be something like a shell for the OS.

Sort of a start menu (or “Welcome”):

Here is what Google Talk looks like:


When you click on Chess, it opens a regular flash chess game on the browser:

When you click on other applications like facebook, it just redirects you to your facebook account through the browser window. I couldn’t make some of the applications work. Anyways, as you see there is not much to be curious about yet, especially if you don’t own a netbook or you don’t like cloud computing.