vfat mount problem in lenny gnome

I have a sony walkman that uses fat file system. I have been using Jsymphonic (0.2.1alpha) for a long time with no problems. However, when I switched to lenny, it stopped working. I have realized that my foldernames and filenames in the walkman were all in lowercase , even if I renamed them with mixed cases. So I checked hal-mtab and found the problem. Lenny gnome uses “shortname=lower” mount option with fat file system. I think this is a bugĀ  because people would not want to see their filenames/foldernames in all lowercase letters. Mixed case would probably be the best choice.


First, go to “/usr/share/gconf/schemas/gnome-mount.schemas” and find “[shortname=lower,uid=]” and change it to “[shortname=mixed,uid=]”.

Then, open gnome configuration editor (gconf) and go to “/system/storage/default_options/vfat”. You will see that it also uses “[shortname=lower,uid=]” as mount option. So edit that key so that it looks like “[shortname=mixed,uid=]”.

And that’s all. Your fat file systems will be mounted using mixed case letters and Jsymphonic will be working perfectly again.

There is already a bug report about it.